DSCI Programs 

Science Technology Engineering Athletics and Math (STEAM)

This Science Technology Engineering Athletics and Math Camp is a two-week-long project-based Summer Camp that will introduce participants to the use of data for making important decisions, in the context of publicly available athletic research. There will be a special focus on effective and compelling ways to visualize data and students will explore, analyze, and reconfigure quantitative and qualitative data, using fundamental graphical principles to present their project-related findings.

Science Technology Engineering Agriculture




Student projects this year harnessed USDA-provided data sets, as well as original research, to focus on issues of urban agriculture, poverty and hunger, water and drought, and food sustainability. Supporting these efforts, on-site faculty provided ready guidance on the kinds of questions that can be addressed with data, the challenges of gathering data through interviews and surveys, and the techniques for presenting compelling arguments based on data.

Science Technology Engineering





The production, delivery, and use of energy sources can have effects on the environment. Clearly recognizing that employment opportunities in the future will depend on data mastery, DSCI has consistently been a strong voice of support for encouraging students through experience-driven learning opportunities, to develop an interest, as well as confidence in working with data. If such interest, excitement and confidence can be kindled, the odds go up that these students will make course and even career choices in energy or energy related fields