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Registration For
Data Science Summer Camp


Since 2014, Data Science Camp Inc. has successfully designed and delivered FREE, immersive, project-based and team focused summer camps for high school students. Proudly partnered with various universities and The Brian Westbrook Foundation, we teach the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math with emphasis on Agriculture (STEAM). Our camp introduces students to hands-on experiences with college-level tools, social approaches, and analytical techniques surrounding STEAM.

To register, please fill out the information below,
there is a short essay component at the end.

What Grade Are You Currently In?

Please watch the video below to fully
understand the content needed for your short essay

*250 Words Plus a Header:
Which camp do you want to attend and why do you want to attend the camp?
What experience do you have in the subject you applied for?
Describe your educational goals and passions!

Upload Essay

While the camp is free, the application fee is $25 to ensure your spot.
Please email if you need help.

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